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Jaime D.
La Verne, CA
reviews_clip004 11/17/2011

Many thanks to Lori at Tailor Studio for helping make my wedding day a success! I had a nightmare situation with my wedding dress, which left me stressed out and not knowing what to do. When I brought my dress to Lori she assured me that she would take care of everything. When I left my dress at her store and got in my car, that was the first moment I actually felt hope that my wedding dress would fit me perfectly and be ready in time for my wedding. And sure enough, as much as she promised, she delivered! My dress was perfect!!!!

Not only did she go above and beyond for me, she also hemmed my mom’s dress and completely resized 2 of my bridesmaids dresses in a matter of days before my wedding. All of my bridesmaids came up on Wednesday to stay for the weekend as wedding was that Friday, 11-11-11. You can't imagine how stressful it is to realize 2 of your bridesmaids can't even fit in there dresses!!! We took the dresses to Lori Wednesday afternoon and she had them ready to pick up Thursday.

Thank you so much Lori!!! I can't say it enough... You are so wonderful! :-)

Rose G.
Ontario, CA
reviews_clip004 11/1/2011

AMAZING PLACE !! I found them thru Yelp and looked for Lori when I arrived. She was actually the one that greeted me at the door.

I was pleasantly surprised on the good taste of the decor and she was super pleasant. I had to adjust my daughters flower girl dresses for my brothers wedding and I wanted the best possible hands to touch them. (My mom also had a shop like this when I was little so as I walked in I felt the same vibe and I loved it!)

She did a phenomenal job and I honestly had to look closer and still could not tell she had touched the dress because it was so perfect.

Flawless sewing =) Only when my girls put those dresses on I was able to tell that they were done to perfection. She is a bit more expensive then the average cleaners or local tailors but worth 100 times more so it's an easy math. =)

Daisy P.
Chino, CA
reviews_clip004 11/1/2011

I came here because of all the Yelp reviews and also I tried to get a hold of Burlington, and some where closer to home but either their tailor was on vacation or was unable to be reached.

So I took it as a sign that I need to come to this place. I'm just glad that I followed it, because I wouldn't have met Lori.

She was informative & helpful with tailoring my hubby's suit.
We came in on Wednesday and I told her that we need it by Friday at the end of the day. She did just that. We even came late on Friday to pick it up but she stayed until we got there. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait too long and she
still had clients with her.

She wanted my hubby to try it on but unfortunately, he wasn't with me. She said, "If there's a problem, please call me because I guarantee my work." I love that!! This shows me that she takes great pride in her work and she's very confident that it's a well done. To be honest, nothing was allowed to go wrong since the suit was needed the next day for an LA event.

I will definitely come back here even though I live 30 minutes away, it's comforting to know that she can and will get the job done right the first time.

Cons: Expensive but if your suit/dress is expensive, you want a pro to do it right.
Cash only, so prepare to bring cash when you pick your dress/suit up.

Christopher S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 11/12/2011

Always reasonably prices, fast and precise service... Love this place!

Donald L.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 11/16/2011

This is the only place that I will take my suits both new and old to have any alterations done. Lori is very friendly and is an expert at what she does. When I take any new suits there I get them back and it's as if they have been custom made and when I have taken older suits there because of weight loss or for whatever reason the result is still the same. I have had suits for many years and had her do some alterations and I start getting compliments from others as if it's a new suit because of the custom fit. The craftsmanship that goes into the work is outstanding and yes the prices may not be the cheapest, when you consider all the work that she does and the quality of the work, the price really is a bargain!!!

Dustin B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 12/4/2011

Truly one of the best experiences I had had to date with a tailor professional. Lori is one of the nicest and most professional people in the business today. I decided to take in my entire closet (so it seemed) and she spent time with me making sure everything was to my liking and that I was happy with how I wanted things to fit me. The place is super clean and her staff is extremely helpful and down to earth. Even if you are not in the area, I high suggest you take a trip, especially if you have nice/expensive clothes to be worked on. A+++++ in my book!!!!

Kursten O.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 11/5/2011

I recently purchased a couple nice pairs of jeans for my odd shaped body. They fit me well on top, but they were too long. Having never been to a tailor I received a recomm-endation from a friend to visit Lori. So glad I did! She is warm, friendly and super knowledgable. The hem on my pants is perfect. I will not hesitate to bring anything to her in the future.

Jared G.
Sherman Oaks, CA
reviews_clip004 11/7/2011

Its really hard to find a great Tailor. Never trust the cleaners, and sometimes department stores cut corners and don't follow latest style trends.
While probably at the peak of the price range for alternations, the service is done right the first time. You'll look your best after the Tailor Studio team get done with you!
FYI - This establishment is CASH ONLY...

Xiao H.
Los Angeles, CA
reviews_clip004 9/9/2011

So I bought a super nice blazer at the Prada store on Rodeo Dr a few months ago. It needed to be taken in a bit around the waist, and the sleeves had to be shortened. Prada had its own tailor in the store, so I thought, sure, why not use their tailor, he works for Prada, so he must be good enough and must know what he's doing. BIG mistake. When I went to pick up my blazer, I was so disappointed by the work. The tailor messed up the angle of the sleeves (sleeve pitch). So when I put on the blazer, the sleeves made my arms look deformed. Needless to say, I was majorly pissed. I paid a good fortune on this blazer, and the tailor couldn't even do his job right? So I demanded that the tailor redo the sleeves. After waiting anxiously for 10 days, I went back to Prada. Guess what? He messed it up again. This time, when I put on my blazer, I couldn't even raise my arms without fearing that the shoulder seams would be busted. My arms were so constrained, when I had the blazer on, I felt almost like a robot.

Not trusting Prada's own tailor anymore, I decided to look elsewhere for a tailor on my own. Sure enough, I found Tailor Studio, with raving reviews from customers. I went in with my blazer. Lori greeted me and asked me what she could do for me. I told her about the sh*tty work done on my poor blazer. She looked at it, and pointed out several problems with the alteration work done by Prada's tailor. I was feeling almost hopeless, so I asked her if she could do anything to resurrect my blazer. She told me that she would do her best and suggested that the lower part of the blazer could be slimmed down a bit more. I took her suggestion, and left my blazer there.

After 7 days of nervous anticipation, I went back to pick up the blazer. When I put it on, I was so amazed by how comfortable it was. Finally, I could move my arms around! And the fact that the lower part of the blazer was taken in gave it a more fitted look. The blazer fits now like a glove (well, not like a latex glove LOL).

So the lesson I learned?

Cost of alterations = $45
perfect fitting blazer = PRICELESS!

Linda M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 8/20/2011

I am so thrilled to find a competent tailor that you can trust and feel so at ease with. Lori is so helpful and friendly, and she is confident and passionate with what she can do! My husband had his suit altered and with Lori's suggestions, the alteration came out perfect. Now i know that if I ever need ANYTHING done I know who can help me and do it in a timely, friendly manner. I recommend this business to everyone in need of alterations!....Fantastic work!

Natalie P.
Chino, CA
reviews_clip004 8/24/2011

If I could give Tailor Studio more stars, I would! Lori is absolutely amazing at what she does! I'm a bridesmaid in two weddings in September & I've been looking for a good tailor to alter my dresses. I came across Tailor Studio on yelp, saw the fantastic reviews and decided to give this place a try. I will NEVER go anywhere else for alterations. Lori puts her heart and soul into her work. Both my dresses fit my body PERFECTLY after alterations. Not to mention, Lori is so sweet and fun to talk to. If you need anything altered, go to Tailor Studio. You will not be disappointed!

Jill M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 10/23/2011

Like a lot of the others on here I found Lori through Yelp. I'd bought a suit for an important meeting and needed it altered in a hurry. She did a wonderful job and even got it done early for me. She takes exceptional pride in her work and makes sure you leave happy. I will NEVER go anywhere else. I think her prices are very fair given the quality you get.

Ben L.
Beaverton, OR
reviews_clip004 8/31/2011

Thank goodness for Lori at Tailor Studio and Yelp. I purchased a suit off the rack which fit me quite well for the most part, but I needed the pants hemmed and I knew the jacket wasn't fitting quite right. Aquick look on Yelp and I found that the Tailor Studio was the place to go.

Lori worked with me like she was my personal tailor. She quickly figured out how to fit the suit and pinned it so that I could see how it would look. She even consulted with me about fashion styles (i.e. cuffed vs un-cuffed pants).

Today, I picked up the suit and it looked incredible. The lines on it were perfect and it fit like it was custom made.

If you buy a suit off the rack, take it to her, even if just for hemming the pants. If you can, bring your dress shoes and shirt that you plan to wear with it. Her work is worth every dollar, if not more.

David L.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 8/28/2011

I found Tailor Studios and Lori on Yelp and very happy that i did. She had very good suggestions and knew how my suit was going to flow. All of the my jeans and other slacks fit great and very happy with the way everything fits. She will be my go to person when I need anything else done.

Thank you and go see her.

Justin C.
Ontario, CA
reviews_clip004 8/12/2011

Dropped off two suit jackets today...One is a 40R and im a 38R...The other is a 38R and both jackets needed a bit of work. Lori was very friendly. She seemed very passionate about her craft! I cant wait to see how the jackets turn out!! She reassured me that she can make a 40R fit like a glove. CANT WAIT.

Craig T.
Sacramento, CA
reviews_clip004 8/2/2011

I recently had a suit tailored here that was a full size too big. Lori did an AMAZING job refitting the entire jacket and slimming down the pants. The suit is now slim-fitting and custom tailored to me. I told Lori I was trying to bulk up in my shoulders and chest and was concerned the suit wouldn't fit after I did. Lori said "No problem. I made sure to leave enough room so when you do start to gain weight bring the suit back in and we can let it out." You can't imagine how pleased I was to hear her say that! Tailor Studios is hands down THE best tailor out there and I would recommend them to anyone! Oh and did I mention I drove 72 miles from Barstow,Ca just to have my suit tailored...well worth the drive!

Leslie S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 8/25/2011

The ladies are very friendly and know exactly what they are doing! My husbands suits were altered to fit a little better and Lori did a PERFECT job! So greatfull to find a tailor that knows what they are doing and cares!

Sarah G.
Pomona, CA
reviews_clip004 8/19/2011

Amazing! I took a vintage dress here that was far too large for me. They sized it down and made it fit like a dream. I've never felt as secure in my clothes as I do in the dress they altered for me. I received 6 compliments the first time I wore it! Worth every penny. I couldn't be happier with the time and energy put into my clothes.

Sarita S.
Vinings, GA
reviews_clip004 6/1/2011

I've been taking my clothes to Tailor studio for years. It's the best of the best in the Inland Empire! Great customer service and quality tailoring.

Christina L.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 8/1/2011

Super friendly staff and they do an AMAZING job! My clothes come back, not even looking altered, they just look made that way. I take everything to them. Only thing, is they are a little expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for right ?

Valerie Z.
Canyon Country, CA
reviews_clip004 4/24/2011

Did an awesome job! Told them I needed my slacks right away for a job interview and were able to accommodate.

Christina B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 3/27/2011

I have had many suits done here. The service is amazing! Lori is great. You won't be dissapointed. All work guaranteed!

Raymond S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
reviews_clip004 6/18/2011

As a young salesman, I didn't really understand the big deal about tailor-fitted clothes. I simply knew if my jeans hit the floor, or my suit looked like I was swimming in it, I had to have it tailored. THEN I met Lori... after having 2 suits altered by her from top to bottom, I honestly didn't wear my other suits for probably 6 months. I just got back from having 3 more suits done and about 6 pairs of slacks. I will be returning in 2 days because SHE wasn't 100% satisfied with the way 2 articles fit (I couldn't even tell anything was wrong). That's her level of commitment to her work...she goes above and beyond to guarantee that BOTH of you are very happy with the results. Her attention to detail matched with genuine customer service and self-employed business approach in the form of discounts for bringing her so much work, will lead this salesman to come back repeatedly. The next step is bringing her dress shirts to alter to match these old suits that I've had for years, that now feel like new.

Beck Y.
Redlands, CA
reviews_clip004 7/17/2011

I found this place through yelp because of the 5 star reviews. I needed alterations on an expensive bridesmaid's dress so I was looking for a place that I could trust. They were so great to work with and I felt really comfortable leaving my dress in the hands of a virtual stranger. The alterations are perfect -- you can't even tell that the seams are new. I've only been to this business once, but it was a great experience and I'm really happy with the work that they did.

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